Tobacco Turns to Vaping Market But What About Pot?


Image courtesy Coaster420 via Wikimedia Commons.
E-cigs (electronic smoking devices) are a form of vaping aimed at tobacco users who want to quit smoking harmful cigarettes that contain carcinogens and other toxic chemicals. However, chemicals are used to make the nicotine juice in vaping fluids for e-cigs. Many states are alarmed at the new vaping trend and its consequences for young people who think it is cool to puff on a vaping device. Many states and cities are pushing for reforms to curb its use. This is not the case with marijuana however. Marijuana used in vaping is real marijuana, though it is heavily regulated compared with tobacco products on the market, even for vaping.

High Times Magazine said vaping and the market for it are at an all time high and competition is fierce. There are a barrage of new available products on the market for marijuana vaping nowadays. Firefly, Indica and Kandypens are just a few of the big names in the vaporizer category right now. Kandypens is said to be one of the best portable vaporizers out there currently. So how does vaping work?

For tobacco, a liquid nicotine substance is added to the chamber an electronic smoking device that has a wick or coil (or both). When a button is pushed, the coil is activated and heats the liquid to vapor, which can be inhaled to ingest the drug inside the concoction of chemicals (many of which are often unknown to the user and even to many regulators).

For marijuana, the process is similar. However, instead of loading the device with unknown processed chemicals, these vaporizers transform organic oil extracted from weed and turns it into puffable vapors for the user. It is said to be a much healthier and cleaner, even sometimes more enjoyable, using experience. Vaping is catching up to the marijuana industry at large and will likely become a force to be reckoned with as it has with the tobacco industry.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews on vaporizers and vaping all over the Internet. Most of these devices are portable and make great use of design principles and are mostly battery operated devices. The Pax 2, for example, improved its own product by creating a new version that is lighter, deeper and capable of holding a longer battery charge. It also has a slick design concept, as many of its competitors do.

As the vaping trend continues, there will surely be new political talk of increased regulation and safety awareness on these products. There will also likely be plenty of propaganda for and against, but online information continues to power the debate.