Texas Senate Surprisingly Approves Weed Oil Sales

Texas is the latest state that has the marijuana industry’s attention. Texas is one of the largest states in the United States (US) and home to big oil and a myriad of small, midsize and large enterprises, none of which are currently involved in marijuana. However, the state is next door to one of the US’s early adopters of medical marijuana legislation: New Mexico. Also, Texas has a diverse economy and its population is also becoming more diverse, and younger. These ingredients make for a great marijuana economy, however the conservative political obstacles remain hard to overcome in the state of Texas.

What is also surprising is that a bill to legalize recreational use of marijuana was sponsored by Republicans. It passed the Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee Wednesday. The next day, the Texas Senate passed a measure to legalize medical oils for epilepsy patients, a move recently taken in Minnesota then becoming law there. Local media there reported that the measure passed the Senate 26-5 in favor of Bill 339, drafted by Sen. Kevin Eltife. The oils contain an important ingredient called cannabidiol, or CBD. These have therapeutic effects, according to recent medical research on the subject. If the measure ever passes the House in the Lone Star State, then it is possible that a medical marijuana industry could also blossom there. The economy there is definitely large and diverse enough to see it through too.

Advoates say that the oils could potentially help an estimated 150,000 Texas residents that may be impacted by epileptic seizures, according to other reports.
The recreational marijuana likely won’t make it to see the light of day in legislative efforts many say. Though Texas could potentially join several other states with medical weed laws, but it remains very unclear how dispensaries would operate and how other parts of the industry would develop under regulations that have not even yet been set in one of the largest states in the US.

For now, only time will tell how the situation in Texas will pan out, but medical advocates for the plant and the CBD oils will surely be keeping tabs on it. Some criticize the bills themselves because they would not offer access to cancer patients or veterans suffering with PSTD. The Senate proposal also limits amounts of THC. Many say the standard set forth is too low to help those with epilepsy.

On the other side, the same concerns about public safety and recreational use were raised. A recent poll showed that more than 75 percent of Texans think it should be legal in at least some circumstances.