Medical Weed Makes Second Round in Minnesota Legislature

Medical Weed Makes Second Round in Minnesota Legislature

According to KEYC news in Mankato, a proposal to legalize medical marijuana in Minnesota will head to its second House committee for approval.

Using weed for medical purposes did make it through the Health and Human Services Policy Committee last week. Testimony reportedly included mothers claiming a reduction in epileptic seizures, extreme pain and nausea.

The hearing today at the Government Operations Committee may not approve it, and it might not make the House floor, especially since politicians like Speaker Paul Thissen said he won't support a bill to move on the floor without law enforcement support, and that is highly unlikely at this point. State law enforcement groups and most members of the Minnesota Medical Association are opposed to the bill, according to KEYC.

Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states. Two states, Colorado and Washington have gone as far as legalize it for recreational use. According to the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), advocates from Minnesotans for compassionate care have brought forth an initiative to pass HF1818/SF1641 in Minnesota and 76 percent of Minnesotans support a medical marijuana law.

Law enforcement groups have long opposed legalization of marijuana for any purpose, but critics say that is because there is a huge financial incentive to do so because they use drug laws to seize property (known as civil forfeiture) and use the proceeds to fund the department. Also, there are law enforcement groups against prohibition. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) is the most notable.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons