Pew Study Finds Most Americans Think Legalized Pot a Certainty

Pew Study Finds Most Americans Think Legalized Pot a Certainty

A Pew Research Center study has found that an overwhelming majority of American respondents, despite their political belief on the matter, believe that laws allowing people to freely smoke pot are in the definite future of the country.

Medical Xpress reported that three out of every four respondents, or about 75 percent of them, think that eventually pot will be on the free market just like alcohol. Other news reports confirm that more Americans are wising up to the fact that alcohol is actually more dangerous to users than is marijuana. More than half of those same respondents in the Pew study support legalizing marijuana. About 40 percent were opposed. The Pew Research Center study concluded that it appears Americans may want to call an end to the war on drugs, or reform it at the very least.

Many states already allow for medical use and two states, Colorado and Washington now treat the drug the same as alcohol, regarding regulation. It can be used for recreational use under those state laws. There will be a referendum in Maine to do the same in 2016, according to The Press Herald. As the years go on, it is becoming more difficult to keep the completely organic drug illegal, as more state legislatures consider adopting new laws regarding pot.

California led the way on the medical front and saw wide support from groups like the Drug Policy Alliance and others. The illegal part of the industry was already worth billions in California alone and now conflicting with the medical producers, the illegal growers are confronted by dangerous black market thugs often times. In Seattle and Colorado, where it is completely legal, marijuana shops are thriving, but also giving way to smuggling to the states where it is not legal.

Also, the study revealed that over time, there has been a major attitude shift toward weed and many say it isn't that harmful or detrimental to society. That gap is quickly closing now. Also, respondents felt that drug sentences should be less severe. President Barack Obama himself has admitted that alcohol is probably worse for humans than pot.