New Dispensary Faces Struggle in Illinois

DEA Raid Photo from WikiMedia

Photo By Shay Sowden, Creative Commons.

A new dispensary that would like to open its doors to the public near a Superdawg is facing trouble in Illinois, while new Alderman Anthony Napolitano (41st) said that after just one meeting on the issue, the public does not have enough information.

It is to be considered Thursday without his support, sources reported. Napolitano has only been in office less than two weeks.

The proposal to open the dispensary comes from Union Group of Illinois. They want to open a dispensary at a vacant storefront on N. Milwaukee Ave. Napolitano was frustrated that there was only one community meeting on the matter. He said there should have been more than that.

According to another report on the matter, a city zoning panel delayed the consideration Thursday. The report from the Chicago Tribune went on to state that the location is across the street from Caldwell Woods Forest Preserve and just down the block from the Superdawg drive in.

Napolitano requested the delay, which will go on until August, when zoning officials will take another look at the site. Another company wants to open a dispensary near West Rogers Park. The location is a former car dealership. 420 Capital Management is the company behind that proposal.

The new alderman said that nearby residents would not like the dispensary. Interestingly, aldermen supported the proposals of two other facilities in different locations.