Prince Overdosed on Synthetic Opioids, Jackson on Anesthetic

Prince Portrait

Photo by Zarateman via WikiMedia Creative Commons Use: Prince Mural.
Minnesota pop star Prince overdosed from a dose of a synthetic opioid he administered himself, according to Slanted Magazine SMAC. The drug is called Fentanyl and can be many more times potent than Heroin, an illegal opiate sold on the street. The Midwest Medical Examiner's Office made their official report public, declaring it an accidental overdose. Fentanyl is often used medically for terminally ill patients who have become tolerant to other opiate drugs in painkiller medicine. It can be extremely addictive.

The widespread use and abuse of prescription painkillers is causing national debate about the subject of opioid addiction in America. Often, those who become addicted to painkillers move on to drugs like heroin. Fentanyl has a bit of a different story. Body weight makes a big difference for this risk of overdose and Prince is reported to have only weighted 112 lbs. at the time of his death, when he was found by two people. It still isn't clear whether he was being prescribed the drug. Prince was living with HIV.

Michael Jackson death mural RIP
Michael Jackson died from an overdose on what many have called sleeping medication. However, many experts and others criticize this notion and the doctor making house calls to Jackson to use this anesthetic drug, Propofol. In addition to this drug, benzodiazepine was also found in Jackson's toxicology test. Conrad Murray was the doctor that gave the drug to Jackson help him go to sleep. The anesthetic is manufactured by a pharmaceutical business. The company is called AstraZeneca. Diprivan is one brand name it is advertised and sold under in pharmacies. Benzodiazepines are called benzos on the street. These are a psychoactive class of drugs. The combination for Jackson was lethal.
Photo by Heart of Oak; derivative work via BadMuroZ via WikiMedia Creative Commons Use: Michael Jackson graffiti. Skan, Piers, Fils, Curve, Natrl, Swype, Proe.