Marijuana Extract Labels Not Accurate in One-Third Products Researchers Say

Cannabis for medical use

According to reports from CNN and Live Science, many of the labels present on CBD marijuana extract packages are not accurately labeled and many credit this with the current dysfunction of the market for cannabis in the United States.

While marijuana is federally illegal, nearly half of the country's states have either legalized for medical or recreational use or decriminalized it to a major degree. This half legal, half illegal market has raised issues with financing startups because banks will not lend, though venture capitalists will. This has ultimately led to a lack of regulatory oversight at the federal level to ensure packing is correctly labeled as with any other food or drug product in the United States. Marijuana is legal for medical purposes in many states as well, yet because it is a scheduled I illegal narcotic in the federal rule book, it cannot be studied in clinical trials for health benefits and other important research.

CNN reported that the Journal of the American Medical Association published a study that inquired into extract labels for cannabis products.Bonn-Miller and his team, according to the report, bought 84 varieties of commercially available CBD products online.

After a chemical analysis at an independent lab, researchers found just under a third of the products that were tested had the exact, or near exact, amount of CBD advertised on the packaging labels. Also, the study found that about a quarter contained less CBD than the label claimed, while 43% had more.