Getting Facts and Tips About Food and Diet Information Just Got Easier

Restaurant in Hong Kong, Commons Photo

Have you ever tried to locate quality and useful information about food, diet or health on the Internet with a search engine? It is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Not anymore, or at least that is the hope of, a new social web app focused on personalizing this kind of information for users online.

The app works like LinkedIn or other social media sites. It also kind of functions like a dating app. The focus is both on trusted sources of information within a user's network and the personalized information provided that can be aggregated and sent to their feed.

The founder of the service developed the idea while trying to find diet information for a relative with special food needs. She teamed up with some expert software developers and engineers to develop the FoodNiche platform.

According to Slanted Magazine Southern Minnesota Arts & Culture and Independent Forum Review (IFR), the site will launch in 2016. It is currently in BETA.

The service can also connect brands and restaurants or other small, midsize and enterprise companies in the food space to potential customers through very precise and targeted promotions. It could turn out to be a very valuable marketing tool in this space.

Chefs, nutrition experts and others can connect with average consumers or foodies to discuss dining and health.