What are the Different Strains of Marijuana?

by Tony Minehart
There are three strains or types of marijuana. The terms Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa have been around since the eighteenth century. Hybrids came later when growers began combining strains from different geographic locations. The Indica plant will give you a heavier body type buzz which can cause you to be tired. That can be due to the thicker resin to protect the Indica plant from harsher weather conditions. This strain is believed to have originated in the Hindu-Kush region near Afghanistan. With the plants growing in higher elevations and receiving less sunlight, the plant tends to be darker in color. The Sativas, meanwhile, prosper in variable weather patterns closer to the equator. They serve as a head high or an energetic buzz and happen to be more green than the Indica plant.

With these different types of plants, their characteristics are also different in other ways. These unique characteristics include flavors, geographical origins, yields, effects, morphology and flowering time. The Indica's morphology or shape is short and bushy and is good for indoor growing. The Sativa's shape is more tall and thin, making it more suitable for outdoor growing. The geographical origins for the Indica are grown in higher elevated areas ranging between 30 to 50 degrees latitude and Sativa's grown from 0 to 30 degrees latitude. The effects of the Indica are more sedating and relaxing with full body highs, while the effects of the Sativa tend to be up-lifting and energetic with a cerebral high feeling. Indicas can be used to treat anxiety, insomnia, pain and muscle spasms. On the other hand, Sativas can be used to treat depression, fatigue, mood disorders and A.D.D. With these categories, recreational users and patients can easily choose their favorite flavors and types of smoke. Hybrids are a mixture or combination of the two plants. Some may harbor the effects of the two and some hybrids may only have the characteristics of one's flowering effects and yield and could carry the other one's symptom relief effects. So in other words, plants may be more Indica dominant or Sativa dominant. Hybrids can bring you the best of both worlds and allows you to expand your selections of different marijuana.

After all some may use both or even all three types. In the morning and afternoon you could use the Sativa plant like Sour Diesel to give you an extra boost of energy to start your day or to get back into the swing of things. In the evening you can indulge in the Indica plant like the White Rhino to unwind and enjoy your couch a little bit more. Or smoke some Pineapple Express all day long and enjoy the hybrid life.