El Chapo Captured Again, Thanks to Sean Penn and Rolling Stone

Sean Penn Robin Wright, photo for El Chapo story.

Jaoquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the elusive figure who has escaped federal maximum security prison in Mexico not once but twice, has now been recaptured by an elite Mexican Marine force, shortly after an interview took place on behalf of Sean Penn, American actor and controversial activist figure, who wrote a piece for Rolling Stone. According to other reports, El Chapo was likely more interested in the female Mexican actress that made the introduction than he was Sean Penn. Sean Penn and Robin Wright, All the King's Men Premiere, September 2006. Photo by: Attit Patel, Toronto, Canada.

Penn himself is now a target of criticism and some believe possible legal action for the so-called clandestine interview. He has interviewed other high profile people who American officials have considered villains, such as Fidel Castro in Cuba, according to an Associated Press reporter in a recent video interview with the press. A 17-minute YouTube video was released of the interview in Spanish for Rolling Stone Magazine. The interviewer, speaking on behalf of Sean Penn and Mexican superstar actress, Kate del Castillo, asked many kinds of questions to El Chapo about his role in drug trafficking, his family life, his ethics and if he sees any good in himself and about Mexican society. El Chapo's answers were mostly calm, short and to the point.

The Twin Cities Gazette and other sources have reported that El Chapo escaped prison through a hole underneath his cell shower and dropped out of sight of cameras into a tunnel that incorporated a motorized mine vehicle made from a modifed motorcyle. HIs first escape involved slipping out of prison while hiding in a laundry bin with the help of some prison staff.

El Chapo is not the first drug trafficker to tell interviewers that drug trafficking will never stop as long as there is a demand for the supply. He said it is a myth to believe his arrest will make a difference because drug trafficking involves many more people, some independent of his organization in fact. This was a curious point to the interview, actually. El Chapo said he doesn't believe his organization is a cartel because there are independent players in the drug game that he works with and he doesn't have the power to order everyone around like that either.

Reports indicate that El Chapo could be extradited to face charges in the United States federal courts, but that process could take up to a year, if it happens at all. The two countries disagree on certain elements of law and ethics.