Should This Woman Be In Prison 35 Years Just For Dating a Drug Dealer?


Tynice Hall is looking at a 35-year sentence. She was just 22 with a newborn. Everything seemed like it was going okay in her life. She was very much looking forward to being a mom. Hall fell in love. The man she had feelings for was involved in drugs.

In this particular case, however, there wasn't any evidence that linked Hall to dealing drugs or having a drug business relationship with this man. Being associated with him was enough to get her a 35-year sentence. The sentence is for conspiracy. This law states that each person is also responsible others action, including the main subject of the crimes.

Hall regrets her decision to ever get involved with him, but she continues to live with her choice and accept that. Hall's longtime friend is advocating for her and said she is trying to be the best person she can be, given dire circumstances.

Hall studied in 75 courses, finished apprenticeships, graduated from culinary arts school, completed college courses and is now certified in grant writing. She attained her certification from Naugatuck Valley Community College, according to a petition page set up by her friend.

Hall continues to maintain an obviously limited relationship with her son Jonathon. She struggles with this relationship though because she has been transferred to several different federal prisons across the United States. It is nearly impossible to get visitation from her son at this point. He was 3 years old the last time he was actually with his mother. He is now a teenager. He says he hopes they move her closer to home.

Her son recently learned he has a blood clot. The clot is located on his brain, so he had to have surgery. This was intense for Hall. She has been worried tirelessly about the situation.

Hall's confidante hopes this petition will reach the president. President Obama started granting clemencies to nonviolent offenders in drug cases.